Saturday, August 25, 2007

Boogie Fever

Just led 15 people in a rousing rendition of Boogie Fever complete with the proper dance moves.

I'm just saying...

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Pigster's Dictionary

Damndelions - those damn yellow weeds
Buddadamn - Curse word created by Jim
Snarkastic - Sarcastic to a whole other level
Ambidickstrious - Can {ahem} do things with both hands - (MOM if you ever read this TUNIE'S friend Amy made this one up!!!)

Bidding on Bozo

There have been SOOOO many times in my life when I've wished I've had a Bozo Button (I know that the Button part isn't a proper noun, but I think that the Bozo Button commands respect). Almost daily, in my head, when someone does something that I think is innate to their responsibilities (mostly at work), I think, in a snarkastic tone...(did I just make up a new word? snarkastic?) "Well YOU deserve a Bozo button."
There are times, however, when I am giddy and really wish that I actually had a stockpile of Bozo Buttons to pass out to people who have genuinely earned such an honor. But, alas, though we lived a mere 2.5 hours away from Chi-town, we were always kept so far away from Bozo, Cookie, and the Grand Prize Game!...
But, in 3 days 18 hours, and 11 minutes - that could all change for me...for I have bid on a Bozo button on E-Bay.
Just think - I may be able to proudly display my Bozo Button and at the opportune moment point at it and say, "Gee...if only I had another. I'd surely give it to you."
Out bid me and I'll put on my clown suit and kick your ass.

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Oh the torture...

Oh the pain and torture of it all...

I am weaning myself away from so much DCL. (otherwise known as Diet Coke w/Lime.) I'm not giving it up entirely, but trying to cut back a little. I drink WAY. TOO. MUCH. DIET. COKE. Oh the headache. Oh the sadness.

Isn't it a pretty can? All sparkly and happy and full of joy? Yes, I know a fountain one is EVEN BETTER but you gotta love the lime too.

Yes I know about yummy flavored water and iced tea and all that, but it just isn't the same. And my headache is massive. And when does school start?

Oh and about my fab-u-lous fruit fly plan? Forget about it. My fruit flies have super powers. They can outlive two kinds of Raid, Windex, fly paper, wine/soap/vinegar, and hair spray. I hate those little buggers. My Christmas card will be signed from all of us and our 134,782 pets. We'll have just adopted them by then.

Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Tips from Tunie

Things I have just discovered that I love...

WD 40 - IN THE LAUNDRY ROOM!!! I ruined a shirt of RP's and had a t-shirt of mine with grease spots (okay, I'm like a kid - wiping my greasy paws from popcorn on my shirt...) I had already washed the both twice and they were considered RUINED. Put WD40 on them and the spots were gone. Fab.U.lous!

Left to Tell: One Woman's Story of Surviving the Rwandan Holocaust - Just read this book in two days. Totally not my type of book at all - but I loved it. Eight women lived in a bathroom without talking or moving much for three months. The author is younger than me. She's got amazing faith.

Fruit Fly Cocktail - My peaches got too ripe - now I have a GAJILLION fruit flies in my house. They seem to like the cocktail I made them - vinegar, red wine, and dish soap. Problem for them is, they drown in it.

Farm Corn - Okay, not a new passion, but seriously. I love that stuff.

More to come...

And if you have other fruit fly tips to share, please do.