Thursday, June 28, 2007

And then Mom lied...

Me (6:28:17 AM): when you resign. you won't go out quietly.
Me(6:28:20 AM): retire
Mom (6:28:51 AM): yes I will - I don't want anything fancy/schmancy
Mom(6:29:10 AM): I don't like being the center of attention
Me (6:29:11 AM): not fancy...but you'll want something
Me (6:29:18 AM): that's a bunch of bull.
Mom (6:29:20 AM): not really

Monday, June 25, 2007

Am Old...

Today I sat at the pool reading a book while KJ and his friend played happily. I didn't have to pay very close attention because they are both great swimmers and are old enough to mostly fend for themselves (note - there was a lifeguard too and very few kids in the pool).

Nearby sat three twenty-somethings in their little bikinis with their two year olds. How did I get to be the older lady near them? When did I slip into my late 30's? And why did I waste my 20's being too chubby to wear a bikini to the pool???

I was reading The Washingtonienne. It's about a twenty-something who has sex every night with strangers and does a lot of drugs. It's based on her real life. I can't even begin to relate to this girl and/or feel any sympathy towards her. It's hard to read a book when you can't stand the main character. I'll all for easy reads and fun books, but because this one actually (mostly) is real, it's hard to relate to.

And it makes me feel old.

Every Rose Has It's Thorn...

So I saw in the paper today that Ratt and Poison are touring together this summer, and are going to be in Indianapolis. I tore out the ad to give to Jeff as a possible birthday (or anniversary? how ROMANTIC!) gift.

Then I started thinking about who else would be there...basically a bunch of bloated 30-something women who thought they were hard core in high school because they listened to "heavy metal" ( bands) but were really girls who liked power ballads and guitar riffs played by men who really knew how to use a can of Aqua Net (extra super hold, of course). I, of course, am one of those women. And I do still love Ratt. I don't listen to them much - my CD collection is very dusty (but so is everything else in my basement, but that's another story). I tend to spend my time listening to a combination of Radio Disney and Barenaked Ladies' song, if I had $1,000,000 (Sami loves that song. We listen to it 2x per day while driving to and from day care). And seriously? I thought Brett Michaels and CeCe Deville were in a huge fight. Did they make up? How do I not know this?

And talk about bloated? I think CeCe was either on Celebrity Fit Club, or should have been.

I have no idea what Ratt has been up to. Obviously nothing juicy, as they have NOT been featured on VH1.

So as I thought about going to this concert, I thought about a) who in the world I would ask to go with me (it would have to be someone I trust very much...I don't want to be made fun of forever) and b) who else would be there. Basically, I think there are 3 kinds of people there:
1) The former "hard core" (ha) girls (myself included) who are now married, living in a 4 bedroom home in a community on the north side of Indianapolis, and are married to an accountant (not that there's anything wrong with that! smooches to you Jeff).
2) Girls who are not former "hard core" girls - but girls who still tease their hair and who still wear wrestling shoes and think it makes them look hot.
3) The guys (most who look like Kid Rock) who are with girls from item #2 above.

I probably won't go to the concert. I'm guessing that my money would be better spent at dirty to me indeed!

Saturday, June 23, 2007

Young ladies can be so loud.

So Lizzy's party is over. Overall a success...but seriously - I think my days of the big birthday party are over for her. I can remember having one or two big birthday parties...but I don't remember doing something every year. Lots of years my birthday was spent on the softball field, or at Gram's. (By the way, I just noticed that Jeff is down here by himself watching Finding Nemo. I love that.)

I hate to rant, (actually I love it) but I also think they need to just PLAY...P L A Y some. Seriously, the "so what are we doing next" is crazy. I said, more of what you are doing, or sing and dance. I wish it wasn't raining. I was going to make them go outside and play tag. Do they play tag any more?????

On a positive note, they did play Twister. Of course, one of the girls was injured (I caught it on wasn't pretty) but she survived when I told her she could go get pizza.

The capstone moment of the party was when they all belched their best belches into the Karaoke machine. Then, when one of the moms came, I mentioned that there was significant belching, and she said to Lizzy..."well you can belch the ABCs - right Lizzy?" and it turns out that yes...she can. How in the world does Emily's mom know my kid can belch the ABCs and I don't? Obviously we need to spend more time bonding as a family.

Sami is sleeping over at Morgan's house. Lizzy and SJ are upstairs watching the Naked Brothers Band movie. Jeff is watching Finding Nemo, and I am having a glass of wine and am going to go get my butt kicked by a 7 year old on Webkinz...

Happy Anniversary to you!

13 minutes into the party...

and they ask..."what are we eating for dinner?"

Thank goodness for frozen pizza.

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Follow me through Follow the River

I’m sure if I get past the Indian attack, this darn book must get better. I hate reading about children getting hurt, and it is not pleasant so far. I had to read the end to check on the fate of the children. Not sure if I’m going to make it through the book.

Your friend may call herself a Book Slut, but I consider myself a Book Wimp. I can't read sad stuff like this.

Or I'm a Book Snob. Not because I only like high quality literature, but because I usually prefer fluffy chick lit. Not exactly high quality stuff.